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  • 2 x Rhodium Plated / Guiding Star

Each THATCH pendant has it's own special meaning - Choose the sentiment that most speaks to you.

Alchemy - is the belief that all areas of life are affected by the powers of the planets. Holding these powers close to us allows a harmonious magic to emerge and brings us to our fullest sense of self.

Khepri - is the Egyptian god of creation, the movement of the sun, and rebirth. A reminder to move forward, create your own path, and to be exactly who you want to be.

Guiding Star - will keep you on the right path as you follow your heart and chase your dreams. Your destiny is written in the stars, let them lead the way.

Talisman - is to protect you on your life’s journey. Use it to ward off negative energy and surround yourself with love and light.

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