Your jewelry was crafted by artisans in Southern California using sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil, 14k gold plated brass, rhodium plated brass and precious x semi precious stones. We are a small team of women who put love and care into every design. Made with love to be loved.

Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, showering, sweating and sleeping. Plated jewelry is good for daily wear but should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth.

Sterling Silver x Vermeil

Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Vermeil (sterling silver base plated with 14k gold) are considered demi-fine jewelry. Sterling silver will darken over time and because it's a solid metal, is easy to clean and care for using a silver polishing pad. Gold vermeil requires careful cleaning with a soft cotton cloth, avoiding abrasive cloths and chemicals. If you use a silver polishing pad on vermeil, it will take the gold plating right off, so be careful to use the right cloth for the right type of jewelry.

14k Gold x Rhodium Plated

14k gold plated and rhodium plated brass should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth to keep vibrant. Brass is a hard metal which makes for a great base metal, as it's less likely to break and creates a stronger bond for plating. Rhodium is a precious metal that is in the family of platinum. It's also a hard metal with a surface that guards against scratches and gives a reflective white appearance and does not tarnish or corrode.

14k Gold Filled

14k Gold Fill is thick layers of 14k gold over copper. Gold fill is much more intense and consumes gold in a higher quantity which means the color stays vibrant longer than with gold plating. Delicately cleaning your chain regularly with a soft cloth is recommended.


Have a knotted chain? 

With your necklace or bracelet open (unclasped) and laying on a flat surface, use a pointy, but not sharp, tipped object (e.g. an earring post, paperclip, dull end of a needle) to get into the center of the knot. Move the pointy object around in circles until you create enough space to be able to separate the knot and untie with your fingers. It can take a few minutes and some patience to get the knot out, so allow yourself some time. For your sanity, do not attempt to detangle a chain if you're in a hurry!

We're here for you...

We want to help keep your THATCH jewelry in tip-top shape; we offer repairs, re-plating and professional cleaning services - please reach out to us via the form provided or email with your repair inquiry.

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  • 5 x Rhodium Plated


$25 of every necklace sold goes to Big Dog Rescue Project.

Big Dog Rescue Project, or BDRP, is a small close knit group of independent dog rescuers that came together to form an organization devoted to saving dogs from the multitudes of high kill shelters in the Dallas area.

This one is very close to our hearts, as it is also founded by our founder, Lisa Garrison. In addition, our Lead Designer, Laura, has two beautiful dogs from BDRP - Cassie x Luke - who you may know as they are often keeping us company in the Studio.

14k gold or rhodium plated tiny key charm on 16" cable chain w. 2" extender.


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