Our jewelry is packaged in soft jewelry pouches - These pouches are made for reuse to store your pieces, protect from scratches x help reduce tarnish. 

They also make traveling w. your jewelry a breeze ➰

THATCH Soft Jewelry Pouches  THATCH Soft Jewelry Pouches


Standard Packaging | Jewelry Pouch x *Zipper Pouch

THATCH Standard Packaging | Jewelry Pouch and *Zipper Pouch

Reduced Packaging | Jewelry Pouch only

THATCH Reduced Packaging | Jewelry Pouch only

Gift Wrapped | Jewelry Pouch, Box x Satin Ribbon

Gift Wrap

* Made from biodegradable plastic x can be reused for travel, to store x organize all your small belongings.

Let's be better, together ~ Please reuse or recycle all packing materials ♻️