Welcome, and thank you so much for being here. We’re thrilled to finally share our first ever journal with you, a project that means so much to us (and hopefully, soon, to you too). We’ve always seen THATCH as a space in which women are free to show up as their true selves, and this journal is a place for just that. We’re inspired by so many things behind the scenes—the people, places and things that bring us joy—but most of all, we’re inspired by you. We can’t wait to connect with you in this new way, and our hope is that it will give you a sense of discovery and greater insight into our brand and our collections.

With a form of self-expression as personal as jewelry, every detail matters. We see each piece as its own little world, with a personality, an intention behind it, and a woman it was made for. Beginning as a sketch and evolving into a finished piece made to love for years, everything starts right here in our San Diego studio.


The Malene charm: carved mother of pearl and fan favorite. Laura, our designer, sketched and refined the idea until it was ready for production. We love to imagine what our customers have done and accomplished while wearing this design that began as a simple drawing.

We entered the jewelry space in 2014 to find a void waiting to be filled. Luxe jewelry with a softer price was nowhere to be found, at least not the way we envisioned it. Our own experience told us that those daily staples—the classic hoops, the curated wrist stack, the rings you never take off—are as vital as the perfect pair of jeans, and should be available at an accessible price point. These are the pieces that truly become a part of you.


Many design sessions begin with curated visuals. This moodboard serves as a north star for the brand, always giving us new ideas and filling the studio with creative energy.

We design our jewelry knowing it goes wherever you go, from the office to school drop-offs to a sparkling beach on the coast of Spain. Formal and casual are not distinctions we make; our jewelry bends around the shape of your life, not the other way around, and it’s an ethos we’re truly proud of. No matter where the THATCH woman finds herself, she feels put-together, ready to take on whatever comes her way—and she does it her way, with her own unique style.

The reception to our launch was more encouraging than we could’ve imagined. After eight amazing years in an upstairs space in the heart of San Diego’s Liberty Station, we moved our growing operation downstairs and opened for retail in November 2023.


Our retail space is sunny and light, inspired by our coastal California home.

Getting to know the community that’s grown around our little brand has been a revelation. You’re all as special as we imagined when we started, and seeing how you style each piece in such surprising, individual ways has been an endless source of inspiration for us.


Forever amazed by the creative ways you wear THATCH (tag us on Instagram so we can see!).

This journal is a natural progression in our growth not just as a jewelry brand, but as a point of inspiration and connection among like-minded women. Jewelry is such an artistic, visual medium — when developing a new piece, we find ourselves referencing everything from recent adventures to antique finds to a new dish at one of our favorite local spots. Rather than keep the design process opaque and mysterious, we want to open up: our sketchbooks, our closets, our travels, and all the things that get our creativity flowing.

Every day, our world is richer because of you. We hope you use this space as a source of discovery and digital escape, and that you get out of it what you’ve put in over the last decade. Make it yours, because it is.

With gratitude and more to come,


April 05, 2024 — Savanna Hunter-Reeves