We have long been followers of Natalie Borton for her laid-back, cool, effortless style, and were delighted when she reached out to us several years ago to come in and view our jewelry collections. After meeting and bonding over our love of timeless, everyday jewelry, a beautiful friendship and working relationship was born. Natalie wore and styled our pieces so well.

When she decided to re-launch her own jewelry collection, we both saw an opportunity to collaborate and lean into our shared styles and values. We had many coffees discussing our idea for a collection that wasn’t quite THATCH and wasn’t quite Natalie Borton Designs, but a unique and singular vision. With a nod to vintage pieces and a vibe that reflects our natural and easy collaboration, our first little collection came to be.

Creating a piece that symbolized our connection and collaboration was a fun challenge. After many sketches trying to capture that essence of linking together, our LIEN collection was born.

Natalie felt strongly about creating a coin necklace that pulled inspiration from one of her own pieces from years ago and the connection we all feel to our beaches and the sea that surrounds us here in San Diego. The SOLANA necklace went through many variations, and we couldn’t be more excited about how this necklace came together. The texture of the coin, the luxe chain and toggle….we know this piece will become a staple for so many.

In a world and industry that doesn't always feel easy, this joint collection has only deepened our friendship. Jewelry is an incredibly competitive category, and as women business owners we sometimes feel like there isn’t enough room for us all. We love the idea of breaking down this invisible barrier and forging ahead, together, in this collaborative spirit. 

Over the years we’ve inspired each other and helped each other in our independent ventures, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Our hope is that you find something in this collection for yourself, your daughter, your mother, your friends. Here’s to celebrating dreams, creativity, and the magic that happens when women come together.

May 02, 2024 — Savanna Hunter-Reeves