It all began in the summer of 2014 in a dusty San Diego studio. We had purchased a handful of random tools and metals with the hopes of bringing a dream to reality. We had handmade work benches, hand-stamped packaging, blistered fingers, and many, many late nights. So many emotions arise when we reminisce on those very early days. Almost like becoming a mother, you are ignited, depleted, and running on pure adrenaline. Excitement and optimism, of course, but also an overwhelming sense of fear. We dove head first without looking back.

From top left: Laura in production; A peek at our first studio; The original THATCH logo; Each piece is hand finished; Amy at our first NY Market; A stack of our early opal bangles.

What we lacked in business experience, we made up for in gritty determination. Whatever needed to be done, we did it ourselves. If we didn’t know how, we figured it out. We made A LOT of mistakes. We questioned our ability to make it in this incredibly competitive field. We found a pocket of retailers that believed in us, and carried a few styles in their shops. We had several friends, and then friends of friends, buying a few of our early favorite pieces. We had a bare bones website and a messy social media presence at best. There are months and years, even, that are a total blur. But the years went on, and somehow, so did we. We grew ever so slightly year after year. Together, after a decade of ups and downs, we have built something that we are truly, truly proud of.

From top left: Some early THATCH favorites; Our first collection of charms; The very first instagram post; The first iteration of Constellation Charm Necklaces.

What we didn't realize would be our favorite part—was all of you. Over the years, we have seen a beautiful community form around us. You lifted us up in our hardest of times, much of the time probably not even realizing it. We grew up together. We got married. We had babies. We raised children. We lost members of our team. We hired new ones. We were stressed. We were inspired. We were always energized because of you.

One of the perks of being a San Diego brand: All the beach-y sunsets (and rises!) we can possibly capture.

Your love of our little brand and you wearing us so beautifully in all of your life’s best moments is the best part of this lovely thing we’ve created. Thank you all - you have been our guiding lights. We love you for seeing us through it all and still coming back. We promise to only get better. Here’s to the next decade of dreaming, creating and growing together.


July 05, 2024 — Laura Laing