Picasso famously said, “Everything you can imagine is real,” and it has often been a focus point for our philosophy while managing a small, growing business. When we are in need of a dash of optimism and dreaming, when challenges mount around us, it is a quote that anchors and lifts all at once. We can do it, we will do it. We must keep creating and moving forward.

We have now entered our blue period – with a nod to Picasso, to optimism, to the beckoning sea.  It’s a period of expansion and creativity, fueled by our surroundings, Amy’s favorite color, and the season ahead – Summer.



From top left: The Malene Necklace (we love a good paperclip chain); Matisse’s Blue Nude II; Balia Necklace and Amaya Necklace in Blue; Source Unknown; Isabel Earrings in Lapis.


Having been primarily a demi fine collection for so many years, we made several collections in our little studio per year, by hand, out of 14k vermeil (14k gold over sterling silver). We torched and soldered and sawed and bent the metals by hand and it was Laura’s mission to create new and interesting silhouettes to keep things fresh each season.



One of our favorite parts of the job: the original sketch alongside the real thing.


When our production and capabilities expanded, our imaginations grew. We had never designed outside of the lines of metal before. What more could be done? Enamel work, carved gemstones, large pearls…color? We’ve had so much fun designing with these new mediums – we are artists, after all.



From top left: Source Unknown; Malene Choker in Lapis; “Two women sitting at a bar”, 1902; “Mother and Child,” 1903; Balia Ring in Blue.


We had fun creating these pieces in this beautiful palette. Our hand carved lapis shows the dreamiest shades of blue, no two are alike. Whether you wear your carved lapis on our favorite gold Ora choker, or on our bestselling Malene necklace, we hope you love it as much as we do. We envision them paired with a crisp white shirtdress, gauzy breezy dresses, bronzed skin and a glass of something very, very cold.

We welcome blue just in time for summer…

Dive in.

June 07, 2024 — Amy Olson Goin